AI Camera

  • Embedded AI Supercomputer
  • Twin synchronized cameras for evidence capture and ALPR on-board video analytics and ALPR deep learning neural network
  • On-board LTE module for transmitting evidence in real-time Synchronized IR illuminator
  • Rugged all-metal casing, fan less, IP67 water-proof casing


  • Seat-belt and mobile phone violations
  • ALPR of violating vehicles
  • Option for vehicle activated signage output

Containerized Software

  • Speed
  • Distance From Camera
  • Lane
  • Vehicle Type
  • Volume
  • Flow Rate
  • Average Segment Speed

With the Aid of Industrial IOT and Analytics Driven Backend Software we offer a wide range of Smart City Solutions

  • Parking Management System
  • Smart Utility Meters
  • Remote Elevator Monitoring system
  • Lighting Management System
  • Remote Environment Monitoring-Air | Water | Weather
  • Smart Building – Personnel/Visitor/Employee/High Value Tracking & Management System, Digital Check-In
  • Interactive Kiosk Based Wayfinding Solutions

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