Orbcomm Satellite Communication And Vessel Management System

  • A unique Oil & Gas fleet management and Equipment Monitoring System with IVMS integration to monitor and receive SOS commands
  • Ensures continuous operation of critical equipment, no matter how remote they are located
  • VMS for ship tracking for improved navigation, maritime safety and awareness
  • Locate and identify exactly where the fleet and equipment are, how they are performing and to rectify problems as they occur

Monitor And Control Remote Assets/ECU’s

  • Open and close valves from a control centre without on-site intervention
  • Remote control of 
    • tank levels to avoid leaks and spills
    • production wellhead compressors to avoid downtime
    • temperature gauge of pumps to ensure proper operation
  • Monitor remote field equipment and sensors used in oil and gas exploration and production
  • Collect and analyze data locally
  • Near-real time visibility of flow meter, pressure and temperature readings
  • Track location and pitch and roll of cold-stacked mobile offshore drilling units 


Vessel tracking, VMS (Vessel Monitoring System)

  • Satellite AIS : ship tracking for improved navigation, maritime safety and awareness
  • Leading constellation of 18 advanced capability AIS satellites
  • Recognized latency and refresh rate – worldwide data in minutes with near-persistent global coverage
  • Buoy monitoring
  • Solar or external rechargeable battery
  • Improve container visibility and delivery operations
  • Locate trailers and reduce costs
  • Protect cargo and help find lost goods
  • Track gensets for fuel, location and operating status

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